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  • Geoff on 2012-Jun-19 11:40:45 Geoff said

    The decision is first a legal one. If Mexican law bars alines carrying and/or using guns without Mexican permission, then we do not do it. If we find that unacceptable, we exit. If we persist in our way' and Mexicans get hurt, the Mexican government may be required to arrest, try, and punish our agents as criminals. The terms of our co-operation should be agreed before we step in. It does not matter how certain we are that we know and have the right way to do it. Our neighbors all over the world are nervous about our attitudes toward violent actions in their countries. Presently, they see the case of a US contractor killing two Pakistanis under uncertain circumstances. Are you ready to allow Mexican operatives to roam this country in search of their perps and to forgive any mistakes when US citizens get hurt?
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